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Achromatic Borescope Kits starting at only $1395.00

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!!!
OUR Achromatic Rigid Borescope is the best priced glass lens borescope around.

  • No other achromatic style borescope matches for this price- ANYWHERE! This achromat lens rigid borescope is what only the "wanna-be" gradient index scope dream of being. It has the internal lens train which gradient lens companies advertise and explain in their catalogs they say "It is too expensive to built achromatic scopes"... So instead they use chemically unstable gradient index lens materials. We don't. Nor do we offer it with a cheapo-flashlight- we only offer 100 watt light sources- light is such a key element to correct operation of visual inspections! These kits have a 5.5mm diameter (Drill a 1/4" hole!). Starting at only $1395.00 which includes a high intensity 100 watt halogen light source, ac adapter, carrying case, 90 deg. view mirror tube, and light guide cable all in a package. And you can see 3+ feet away in total darkness with standard 100 watt illuminination- or up to 25ft. away with a special night vision camera we offer- just ask. Most people purchase our FFVideo-1A Color kit which attaches to the RBP series kits. Keep in mind that in quality, our scope rivals those from the large Japanese companies that sell for 2-3 times our prices!.

The scope kits here are unlike ALL other products selling for less!

Buyer beware!!!! There are less expensive optically inferior products on the market- which produce fuzzy unusable images (advertised as "looking through a screen door") and sold by unknowledgable tool distributors these $200.-$500. "Toys" are inaccurately and deceptively advertised as borescopes or fiberscopes and are built using plastic lens/fibers, use a wimpy flashlight and are intended for hobbyists, homeowners and others. We do not sell Toys here. We sell to Industrial Professionals only!Professional companies who realize they don't want to jeopardize their livelyhood and career playing with toys and need good image quality consider the Achromatic or Rod Lens Scope instead as the only choice. If you are a professional, give us a call and we will go over your industrial application and can answer your NDT and Visual inspection questions. UXR Borescopes are ALL glass and stainless steelproducing crystal clear images since they use the traditional glass relay lens system!

High Quality Design and Materials, Truly Portable

  • Our stainless steel cased RBAC series scopes produce high quality images designed with achromatic (Color corrected) optics. A series of miniature lenses transmit sharp undistorted, crystal clear images back to the eyepiece where it is magnified for proper viewing to your eye. Lighting of the image is achieved by transmitting light into the borescope into a series of glass fiberoptic illumination fibers that exit the tip of the scope surrounding the internal relay lenses. Note that the older "portable" borescopes- require external power for the external bulb that is mounted on the tip. These older style units can get very hot at the tip, and if the bulb to broken during inspection, glass shards from the bulb will fall in and contaminate the area and THEN require expensive engine or machine disassembly (negating the labor savings and reason why borescopes are used in the first place). Light bulbs can be dangerous in situations where fuel vapors are known to be trapped - an explosion hazard exists. This older technology design has been replaced with our units that use cold light, meaning the light is pumped into and carried to end the borescope by an internal light pipe. No heat or glass to be damaged.

Optional Rotating Mirror tubes for 90 degree viewing

  • UXR offers an inexpensive option to see both forward (0 Degree, standard unit) AND to the side WITHOUT purchasing another 90 degree prism borescope. This mirror tube slides over the main stainless insertion tube, increasing the OD just (0.020") slightly and allows viewing 90 degrees to the main borescope shaft. A small optical mirror (first surface quality) is mounted so that the image is reflected back from the side wall of the cavity being inspected. Since the mirror tube fits over the OD of borescope it can be rotated 360 degrees so a complete inspection of the inside diameter can be made WITHOUT rotating the borescope itself. The mirrors are offered in both 90 degree side view or 120 degree, retroview which allows a steeper angle. This close up shows the 90 degree mirror tube tip. This lower photo shows the mirror tube detached and sitting below the borescope. In cases where most of the viewing is at the side, we do recommend the side view prism version of the RBAC scopes instead of the mirror tube since dust particles on the mirror reflect light so the tip must be constantly cleaned. However, the mirrors are a very economical solution to the requirement of purchasing both a straight and side view scope.



Borescope Kits with High Intensity Lighting

Rigid Borescope with 100 Watt illuminator
  • Each photo taken below was exposed in complete darkness to illustrate how important lighting is to your application. We insist on using an external light source powered either by 110 VAC OR optional 12VDC gel cell battery attachment for illumination unlike those that sell flashlights attached to their scopes. Light is sent from the external light source through a special light guide cable that attaches to the borescope light port- this photo illustrates the high intensity output available at various distances. Note the middle photo with it's even strong beam of light at 24" away from the back surface. Then the side view mirror attached looking into a mockup inspection situation- see how clear the UXR logo is lighted even at 30" away from the mirror tip!

at 24 inches away
side mirror at 30 inches away

The RBAC series rigid scopes are available up to 22" length!

Rigid Borescopes Prices
  • The RBAC series scopes are offered in (3) common lengths: 9", 16" and 22"- shown in the upper photo with the 90 degree side view mirror tube detached. Middle photo is the side view prism kit and bottom photo shows the RBP-1 Kit in it's case. Each Kit is complete and ready to use for your critical inspections! and includes the achromatic rigid borescope/mirror tube (or the 90 degree prism version of the scope), light guide cable, 100 Light source, AC adapter and carrying case.

  • RBP-1 Kit (9" Kit) $ 1395.
  • RBP-2 Kit (16" Kit) $ 1995.
  • RBP-3 Kit (22" Kit) $ 2649.
  • RBP-1-90 Kit (9" Side Prism Kit) $ 1395.
  • RBP-2-90 Kit (16" Side Prism Kit) $ 1995.
  • RBP-3-90 Kit (22" Side Prism Kit) $ 2649.
  • LSP1-B (12 VDC batt/charger) $ 180.
  • P/N FFVideo1-A Color Video Kit $ 1395.
  • NV-01 Night Vision Kit (see 25 ft. away) $ 1395.
  • 120 Side View Mirrors available as an option- call for prices
  • Click here-to see digital photos made with our RBP Kits
Rigid Kit with Mirror tube.jpg
Rigid Kit with Side View Prism
Rigid Kit complete
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