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Please review the following questions which cover many of the aspects of borescopes.
  1. What industries do you sell to?
  2. Can you send us your full color catalog?
  3. Why are your prices much better than other borescope companies?
  4. How do I know the unit will fit my needs?
  5. Do you rent borescopes?
  6. Do you stock scopes for immediate delivery?
  7. How does your 10 day return policy and demo work?
  8. What happens if I send the equipment back for a refund AFTER 10 days?
  9. Do you sell/build custom scopes?
  10. Do you sell fiberscopes over 3 meters in length?
  11. Can I use the equipment on actual hardware and perform inspections during the 10 days evaluation?
  12. Why should I buy a Video package from UXR and not chose them on my own?
  13. Do your FVA Video adapters work with consumer grade camcorders?
  14. I own a digital camera- can I attach it to one of your borescopes to take digital photos?
  15. Do you sell video cameras, monitors and adapters separately?
  16. How are Borescopes manufactured?
  17. Do you repair other manufacturers scopes?
  18. Do you take Trade-ins?
  19. We already own a borescope light source from another manufacturer. Can we use it instead of buying another one from you?
  20. What is the difference between the image and light fiber bundles?
  21. What is the magnification of the borescope?
  22. Can UXR come to our facility and give us a demo?
  23. Can you offer discounts to resellers?
  24. Do you sell the internal optical components such as miniature lens, mirrors, prisms, coherent optical bundles?
  25. Do you offer High Temperature (1000 Deg. F) Borescopes? UV Inspection Borescopes? ACID proofed scopes ? High Pressure or Vacuum? 100-500 Ft Long scopes?
  26. We already own a borescope. Can you sell us a light source or light bulb for it?
  27. Do you provide training classes for using borescopes?
  28. What is your minimum order amount?
  29. What are my payment options?
  30. How do I place an order?
  31. Do you sell those $300. scopes that use plastic lens or plastic image bundle fibers?
  32. What is your warranty period?

1. What Industries do you sell to?

We serve Business to Business Industrial professionals only. We do not serve consumer oriented or retail industry service companies. If you are comfortable spending at least $1395.00 for an excellent optical product which is COMPLETE with high intensity halogen or metal halide lighting (We don't offer wimpy flashlights) we have many products to offer.

2. Can you send us your full color catalog?

Yes. Here it is! In fact you are looking at it right now. And not only is it in full color, but it is also fully interactive and datasheets are available in Adobe PDF Format.

3. Why are your prices much better than other borescope companies?

We sell direct so you save at least 20% right there. We also don't do on-site demonstrations through sales reps, and have much have lower overhead than the traditional establishment companies. Our prices pleasantly surprise many customers since, we do not cut corners on manufacturing like others do at our prices- all scopes use traditional methods such as borosilica leached bundles and achromatic lens. We don't use inferior quartz or plastic image bundles like a few others do at our prices.

4. How do I know the unit will fit my needs?

It's OUR responsibility to ask the correct pre-sales questions and if we feel a good probability of success we will assist you. If we don't feel confident, we won't sell the unit to you! You feel relaxed discussing your application over the phone with us. To eliminate all uncertainty we offer a NO-RISK, 100% money-back guarantee with a 10 DAY RETURN PRIVILEDGE*.  (* To avail of our return policy you MUST speak to a sales engineer for pre-sales qualification of your application. Note that unqualified fax or email orders made blindly without pre-sales qualification cannot be returned.) If you receive the goods and determine they need to be returned, you must get authorization prior to the return. Returns must be made within the 10 day period, damage free, and meet our written guidelines of "desktop evaluation"- returns made outside of this policy will be refused without further explanation.

5. Do you Rent Borescopes?

We have a new 10 Meter, Non Articulating Color Videoscope that we will rent however none of our other products are available for rentals. Our business goals are to serve companies that are long-term oriented, forward thinking and want to invest in their quality control and inspection needs. Industry leaders, well managed companies and those committed to producing quality products and services buy and own their own capital equipment- they don't rent something just to address a crisis- they are prepared. Since our prices are the best in the industry- we feel if a customer seriously needs a borescope, they would be happy to purchase one at our affordable prices.

6. Do you stock for immediate delivery?

Yes, many models can be overnight shipped to you for emergency and immediate response. Most all models are available to ship in no more than 2 business days. Please let us know the urgency when you leave a message on our voice mail system. We are here to serve serious customers who have real world critical inspection problems and have budgets in which to solve them with.

7. How does your 10 day "desktop" evaluation and return policy work?

UXR ships the equipment to you on a COD basis. (Fortune 500, Publicly Traded Corporations, Government and Education Net 30 OAC) Upon arrival at your facility you have 10 calendar days to evaluate the scope and return it to us if it does not work for you. This all must be completed within 10 contiguous days- no exceptions. Actually-you will know in the first 10 minutes whether the equipment meets and exceeds your expectations. In the rare case that it does not- call us immediately and tell us so and request an RMA Number. We do not accept shipments outside of the 10 days or without an RMA. Once the product is received and passes our incoming inspection, you will be issued a full refund less the shipping charges.

Any evaluations you do must be on a clean desktop or office environment and not on actual hardware. You are free to test your parts, but do so with full disclosure that should you damage the scope (even scratched or dinged slightly) it will not be accepted for return. We do not authorize or recommend our scopes being used on your hardware, components, machines, parts, etc. To evaluate the scope for optical quality and lighting lighting- does not require usage on hardware. You can simply "mock-up" your inspection with cardboard boxes or other means of discovery and inventiveness to create a like situation to the actual inspection. Optical quality can be tested by looking at a 6" scale on your desk, business card or other means to determine resolution, lighting, focusing at given distance. What we ship is factory new and NOT DEMO EQUIPMENT. Most likely, you will in fact keep the borescope or fiberscope- since most customers are pleasantly surprised that the price is as low as it is for the high quality products we offer. Most customers familiar with the industry cannot believe it since they are used to paying very high prices to one of the large Japanese companies.

No exceptions- by default, the terms of purchase include the final determination as to the returned condition is made at the sole judgement of UXR.


8. What happens if I send the equipment back for a refund outside of the 10 days?

We do not accept returns outside of the 10 day return policy.

9. Do you sell other types of scopes not listed here or build custom scopes?

Only if you order a large quantity of them. We offer many models that address a variety of applications and however do not address all possible applications.

Otherwise, if you carefully browse this website, chances are that we have something that will do the job for you. And, at a price far below that of a custom quotation! 

10. Do you sell fiberscopes over 3 meters in length?

We do in Videoscopes (up to 50 Ft.) however not Fiberscopes. This is extremely costly and impractical from a manufacturing standpoint.  the recommended solution is to purchase our AVIS Videoscope.

We are offering our 10mm diameter fully articulated video imaging scopes in standard lengths of 3, 5 and up to 10 Meters (32.5 ft.). 

11. Can I use the equipment on actual hardware and perform inspections during the 10 days?

Yes, but ONLY IF you intend to keep the equipment and NOT return it.

You must evaluate the equipment on a "clean" office desk and if you need to return it- do so immediately without ANY blemishes. See item 4 and 7 above for more details.

Our prices are the best in the industry, but if you only need a scope for a one-time application, then you should rent one from another vendor- but be aware that if you need it more than a couple of days the cost to purchase versus rent could be nearly the same so it may not make sense to rent. Check first with the company that rents them.

12. Why should I buy a Video package from UXR and not from someone else?

Because you need a solution that works perfectly right out of the box, guaranteed, because all the components are designed specifically for each other! 

13. Does your video adapter work with consumer grade camcorders or digital cameras?

We no longer sell it separately and it is not designed to fit on a camcorder or digital camera.

14. I own a digital camera- can I attach it to one of your borescopes to take digital photos?

Yes, but if it is the correct make and model. Call to discuss this, we know of only (3) models that are appropriate for borescope applications. In addition, we offer a complete video camera/photo solution designed for this application.

15. Do you sell LCD Monitors, video cameras, and adapters separately?

No, these are only sold in support of our borescope products and/or as replacement units for existing customers only. If you own another manufacturers borescope, please contact them for assistance.

16. How are Borescopes manufactured?

The process of building borescopes, endoscopes and fiberscopes is a very intense and complex process. Much of the work is done by hand and requires great dexterity in assembly. The slightest mistake will render an expensive scope completely unusable!

The many specialized materials and processes used to manufacture borescopes is out of the scope of this FAQ to explain in any detail. Suffice it to say that creating h precision miniature optics is a difficult and time-consuming process which requires very specialized skills.

17. Can you repair other manufacturers Borescopes and Fiberscopes?

Yes, and we also offer trade-in's. Give us a call.

18. Do you take Trade-in's?

Yes, however it depends upon what you are trading in. This makes a great deal even better for you! please contact us to discuss.

19. We already own a borescope light source made by XYZ Company, can we use it instead of buying another one from UXR?

Yes if it has a common connector.  Take some calipers and measure the diameter and length of the end of your existing light guide cable and/or the receptacle on the light source output. Draw us a sketch and fax it to us, either that or email us a photo when you place the order.

20. What is the difference between the image and light fiber bundles?

Basically, the image bundle is the "heart" of a fiberscope. This is the most expensive component of the scope. It contains up to 30,000 individual glass fibers which are arranged perfectly in the same matrix position from one end of the long fiber bundle to the other, up to 15 feet in length.

Imagine for a moment a matrix in which you have a number of rows and columns. Each "X" and "0" shown below represents a single glass fiber. However the "0" symbols are shown to represent a rectangular object you are viewing though the borescope. If you want to carry the image (light) correctly, each "0" must be perfectly arranged in the same position in the matrix on both ends of this long fiber bundle.

NOTE: the "0" symbols are arranged in a 3 x 3 matrix

Objective end of borescope
Row 1----xxxxxxxxxx
Row 2----xxx000xxxx
Row 3----xxx000xxxx
Row 4----xxx000xxxx
Row 5----xxxxxxxxxx

Eyepiece end of borescope

Row 1----xxxxxxxxxx
Row 2----xxx000xxxx
Row 3----xxx000xxxx
Row 4----xxx000xxxx
Row 5----xxxxxxxxxx

Note that the 0 symbols remain at the same location on both ends of the bundle.

In the case of the light (or "non-coherent") bundle or bundle, the "0"'s are not arranged in any particular order but instead randomly scattered throughout the bundle. Most light bundles are just a random batch of fibers that carry light. No image is possible in this case.

One end of a "Non-Coherent" Fiber Bundle

Row 1----x0xxxxxx0x
Row 2----xxxxxx00xx
Row 3----xx0xxxx0xx
Row 4----xxxxx0xxxx
Row 5----x0xxxxx0xx

The other end of the "Non-Coherent" Fiber Bundle

Row 1----xxx0x0xxxx
Row 2----xxxxxxxx0x
Row 3----xxxxxxxxxx
Row 4----0xxxxxxxx0
Row 5----0xxx00xx0x

21. What is the magnification of your borescopes?

Near Infinitely variable! The term "magnification" is a relative since the distance of the object to the tip of the borescope must be known. This is the "working distance." Most of our standard eyepieces enlarge the image bundle 25x to your eye. Borescopes have a huge depth of field unlike microscopes that only focus at one distance and the magnification is a constant value.

22. Can UXR come to our facility and give us a demo?

    Facts all customers should know about equipment demonstrations!
  • Competitors who demonstrate- charge more $$.
  • Competitors sales people waste alot of time on non-buying prospective customers.
  • Customers who buy from demoing sales people are usually under pressure to buy.
  • Demonstrations are a nice convenience, however are not always necessary.
  • Field demonstrations are done out of "tradition" more than necessity.

Our business model is to keep our prices the best in the industry and on-site demonstrations are built-in to the higher prices our competitors charge for our products. Alot of people don't realize that when you buy from a company that does on-site demonstrations you subsidize the demonstrations for all the other prospective customers who don't buy.

Demonstrations are a nice convenience that customers are used to in the traditional business culture. Therefore, some companies expect them still- however we routinely solve applications daily over the phone. Or, you can ship us samples and we will videotape them and allow you to view it over the internet!

If there is no flexibility in your buying circumstances and a demo is mandatory as a condition of the sale, then you are going to miss out.
Our company has been discovered by many, many mission critical customers who are tired of paying high prices charged by the traditional "business-as-usual" borescope manufacturers that do demonstrations. If you choose to ignore our offer and purchase from one of our competitors instead, then you will never know how much money you OVERSPENT for equivalent technology!!!
The question then you probably still ask is: "Without a demo, how do we know that the application will work?"
Answer: How about speaking over the phone to a non-commissioned sales engineer that can ask the correct questions and qualify the application? Our Sales Guy is under no pressure to sell you a scope, especially one that does not work properly for your application.

We first evaluate your application CAREFULLY over the phone. Once we have confirmed with you what the inspection is and what your goals are in the application, and we feel we have a mutually beneficial situation we will ship you the unit. But the proof is that you still have our no-pressure, no-risk guarantee with our ten (10) day evaluation. We want to earn your confidence, but of course we do not want to ship out equipment needlessly. If we don't have confidence in solving YOUR Problem, we won't accept the order. We don't compromise our high standards of integrity and application success for sales volume or growth. Period. We are very proud of maintaining our success and excellent reputation.

23. Can you offer a discount to us for resale?

No, we sell direct. We discourage resellers since they are normally unfamiliar with the technical aspects of supporting customers and applications of this equipment. Also, some contractual obligations do not allow it. If you are purchasing for resale you will be quoted the same prices as an end user. If you are a subcontractor purchasing agency, external tool supplier, etc. that has a purchase order contract with a large company to purchase goods on a routine basis on their behalf- please identify yourself on your initial contact with us and we will provide support to you.

24. Do you sell the internal optical components such as coherent image bundles, miniature lens, mirrors, prisms, coherent optical assemblies?

No. Borescopes do not have user serviceable parts inside. We are not in the optical parts sales business.

25. Do you offer?:

A. High Temperature Furnace Borescopes?
B. UV Inspection Borescopes?
C. Acid proofed boroscopes ?
D. High Pressure or Vacuum protected scopes?
E. 100-500 Ft Long scopes?
F. Smash/Twist/Drop proofed scopes?
G. Custom application support or high magification scopes?
H. Pool Cue type long rigid sectional scopes?

Answers: A. No, max. is 80 deg. Celcius. B. Call for details C. No. D. No. E. No. F. Complete myth. G. No. H. Older design-replaced with Videoscopes

26. We already own a borescope we bought from someone else and it was manufactured by another company. Can you sell us a light source or light bulb for it?

While we genuinely would like to assist you, this is unprofitable for us. Search around on the internet there are bulb manufacturers out there that should have them.

27. Do you provide training classes for using borescopes?

For most applications- training is not required. A good example would be paying someone a significant amount of money to provide training on how to use binoculars, a telescope or a microscope. Would you feel that is necessary? These are very simple devices to use and all that is needed is common sense. We provide an operation manual with each scope that we deliver and that is sufficient for the vast majority of customers. Unsure of a new application or situation? You are welcome to call our Sales Applications Engineer and ask any questions after the sale as we are here to support our customers.

28. What is your minimum order amount?

For domestic sales and you have purchased a UXR product previously and need to order parts, accessories, a light bulb, etc. it is $100.00. If you are a first time customer we have a minimum order of $500.00. (Note: All export sales outside North America require a minimum order of $2500.)

29. What are my payment options?

All prices listed assume immediate payment via company check. For domestic sales the fastest process is COD. If your company does not accept COD shipments then we also can accept prepayment in advance of shipment. If your company is an Educational Institution, Gov't agency, Municipality, or Fortune 500 or publically traded- call for ordering details as we offer Net 30 credit terms OAC with a purchase order and approval and we do Gov't Credit card payments (Call first to discuss). If your company does not accept COD or prepayment we may accept Net 30 terms however the credit examination process will delay your order from 4-5 weeks and we do not guarantee credit approval. All export orders are prepayment in advance via wire transfer only- no purchase orders or letter of credit.

30. How do I place an order?

Call us at 800-530-3371, 805-527-9219 or Fax to 805-520-8277.We will return your call and double check your borescope application requirements so we get your order going immediately and correctly. Some products ship same day. Most orders ship and do not exceed 2-3 business days ARO. On some products we offer expedited (1) day service for an additional fee. Just call and inquire.

31. Do you sell those $300-$500 fiber optic scopes that use plastic lens or plastic fibers?

No, but they are available from Internet Tool (Toy) StoresThis is a great question to ask-look closely at what you are buying. There are some new "Spy Toy" fiber optic scopes inaccurately represented as Borescopes and Fiberscopes. Unfortunately people are getting confused by their advertising. We sell professional inspection products to professionals only. These devices use a flashlight bulb in the end powered by weak "AA" batteries and are intended for hobbyists and homeowners who cannot justify or afford a real borescope. Our products are used on critical hardware.... like the Space Shuttle. When you compare prices, compare our products to the ones that large Japanese Company charges 2x to 3x our prices for equivalent technology. If you are shopping- do so carefully and ask what type of image bundle material is being used- make sure the sales person gives you an immediate answer and does hesitate in his response.. insist on leached borosilica bundles only!

32. What is your warranty period?

A Full 1 Year Limited warranty covering defective workmanship and/or materials.

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