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animated gif of articulating borescope That statement sounds like a motivational seminar or something. Geez... what was our copywriter thinking??? We'll we get lots of calls asking us to explain this function over the phone (That is difficult), basically as you can see here- the motion is much like that of taking your index finger and curling it back towards your wrist. Now imagine for moment if one of your eyes were attached to the end of your finger and you could rotate it like this! That would allow you to see at all different angles. That is what an articulating fiberscope or flexible borescope can do to aid in your internal viewing challenges. This animation above should help with answering this question as a picture is worth a thousand words, and an animation should be worth at least a thousand pictures (... well maybe 20 or so that make up this animation). What you are seeing here is the motion of a 2 way articulating fiberscope (borescope). Specifically this movie shows the + and - 120 degree motion of the tip of our general purpose articulating borescope (P/N FFPACK3/4 or P/N FFSLA1). The motion you see is controlled by a small lever on the eyepiece of the borescope that is pushed one direction to rotate the tip left and pushed in the other direction to rotate the tip right. Now you might also say one direction is down and the other is up, or clockwise/counter clockwise, etc. Our 4 way articulating scopes have an additional 2 directions for up/down/left/right motion all in control. Of course, you can get the same motion with a 2 way articulation scope by rotating it 90 degrees about it's axis to get the other directions. We have of course several models designed with both 2 and 4 way articulation that offer this valuable function for inspections where a rigid scope just will not do the job. Articulation is a powerful feature and one of the reasons why these instruments can save YOU $1000.00's in unneccesary equipment disassembly and teardown costs by being able to view inside your engine, pump, turbine, HVAC, Wall, cavity or other inaccessible area. Although we are happy to sell our non-articulating scopes... we want to encourage you to consider this feature as an important one.

Don't settle for a NON-articulating borescope, fiberscope, videoscope or rigid scope from another supplier or us even if you can afford this feature- you may regret it in the long run if you don't spend the extra money up front for the power of articulation...

Our Articulating Fiberscopes can be found here:

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