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24" General Purpose Fiberscopes (Flexible Borescope)
These General Purpose Fiberscopes (Flexible Borescopes) can be used for a wide variety of applications at a price point previously unattainable. Designed with a "rigi-flex" gooseneck semi-flexible protective sheath that allows the scope to serve in both rigid and flexible viewing applications. Both packages are a Super Value for price and performance - the best in the industry!!

The major difference between the FFPACK1 and FFPACK3 kits shown below is that the FFPACK3 kit has the additional feature of 2 way articulation. Both of these popular kits include the 100 watt High Intensity Halogen light source, AC adapter and carrying case (mirror tip included in FFPACK1). Both units can be easily used with our optional color video kits too!. (Note: Only available at this pricing in 24"-26" working length, others models available that are longer on the website- we offer up to 50 ft. now in Videoscopes .
Take a look at some
images taken by our borescopes and fiberscopes.

in mm
of view
Optical system Field
of view
P/N Price
8mm (0.318") 610 (24.0") Forward (0 Degrees) Leached Borosilica Fiberoptics 60 deg. FFPACK1 $1495.
Our popular P/N FFPACK1 package includes Fiberscope (Flexible Borescope) FFSL1, High Intensity Halogen Light Source LSP1, 90 Degree Removable Mirror tip for right angle/side viewing, AC power supply LSP1A and case. (LSP1B DC battery package and recharger is optional at $180.00) Download PDF datasheet

General Purpose 2 Way Articulating Flexible Borescope
FFPACK3 Fiberscope.jpg  artgp9.jpg
Our General Purpose Articulating Fiberscope has the added articulating function- at a very reasonable price. This model FFPACK3 is designed like the P/N FFPACK1 shown above with a "rigi-flex" semi-flexible protective sheath AND uses the same high quality borosilica leached coherent image bundle, eyepiece and articulating capability as our more expensive 6mm diameter, FF6000 Series scopes. The FFPACK3 is a ruggedized product that offers the best of both worlds- at a lower price than our 6mm units. Applications include remote viewing of heavy equipment/engine inspections, aircraft recip engines and airframe, building and construction, and many other industrial, service and maintenance inspection procedures.
in mm
of view
Optical system Field
of view
P/N Price
8mm (0.318") 610 (24.0") Forward (0 Degree) Fiberoptic 60 deg. FFPACK3 $2695.

P/N FFPACK3 package includes Articulating Flexible Fiberscope, 100 Watt High Intensity Halogen light source LSP1, AC power supply LSP1A and case (LSP1B DC battery package and recharger is optional at $180.00) Download PDF datasheet

Add COLOR Video to either of the above Fiberscopes. Complete kit includes a choice of 13" NTSC Color monitor OR 4" TFT LCD Monitor, Color CCD Video Camera (SONY 1/4" CCD Chip with Digital Signal Processing) and FVA-3 Focusable Video Adapter, and power supplies- ready to plug into your Fiberscope. See color video kit here
FFVideo1-A $1395.00
Full Articulation Control in a General Purpose Scope
Focusing Ring adjustment at eyepiece
Up/Down Articulation control handle.
The FFPACK3 Kit offers a hybrid scope combining the crush resistance sheathing from our FFPACK1 in combination with the eyepiece and articulating tip of our FF6000 series fiberscopes. The benefit is allowing you to purchase an articulating scope keeping the price down to a point that NO product can even come close to what the FFPACK3 kit offers in value.
Rigi-Flex Design and High Quality Optics
artgp8.jpg artgp7.jpg
The semi-rigid insertion tube can be bent into position and it stays there. Then you articulate the forward viewing tip (0 degree) to see in all directions with the same quality fiber optic resolution in our more expensive scopes. Bottom photo shows a close up of the high quality and one-hand control of the eyepiece.
Deluxe Kits for creating digital video and photos!
Non-Art Deluxe Kit
FFPACK1-DM $2,650.
deluxe articulating fiberscope
FFPACK3-DM $3,850.
Both Deluxe kits include image capture hardware and software (you supply a laptop or PC running Windows 98, 98SE, XP with USB port) to allow you to view the inspection on the screen or take digital photos or live video to document your findings. These complete kits include shop and field operation with all the accessories shown and additional digital video/photo hardware/software (not shown). Left Photo above is the Model: FFPACK1-DM $2,650.this kit price includes the FFPACK1 shown above AND the rechargeable 12vdc battery kit (LSP-1B) AND FFVideo1A-NM Color CCD Video camera. The right photo shows the Model FFPACK3-DM at $3,850. deluxe kit which includes the FFPACK3 AND the rechargeable 12vdc battery kit (LSP-1B) for full portable operation and FFVideo1A-NM Color CCD Video camera. The color video camera can be quickly connected to your PC Computer, a TV set, a digital camcorder with A/V input, etc.
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