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4mm and 6mm Articulating Flexible Borescopes
Overall view of our 6mm 2 way articulating scope
Overview of our 4mm diameter 2 way articulating scope

These scopes are THE BEST value on the market!

These top-of-the-line articulating scopes are built with precise hand craftsmanship made to last and withstand the rigors of internal inspections. Each unit contains a crystal clear, hi-resolution borosilica coherent image bundle that can be directed in both +/- 120 degrees off axis to insure complete viewing during the inspection.

Removable 90 Deg (Side View) Prism Tip Option
Prism tip attachedPrism Tip detached
 straight view collar ready to be attached- note threadsStraight view collar attached
The 4 and 6mm scopes can be ordered with optional miniature prism tips. Shown here is the 4mm prism tip. Simply thread on this tip and hand tighten- and now the scope can be used for side viewing and when the scope is articulated- you can look directly back- so this allows a very wide range of viewing angles beyond that of the just articulating the tip off axis +/- 120 degrees (240 degrees total). Note the jeweler's like workmanship required to manufacture such a small precision optical component. Not only does this require good cosmetics.... but all optical surfaces must be cut perfectly, fit and aligned in this assembly. Click on the images to see an enlarged view.
Full 240 degree range of articulation Control and easy operation
Overview of our 2 way articulating scopes Left Photo:While the scope is inserted into the inspection area- all that is required is finger touch control on the articulation arm to move the tip to view off axis.

Bottom Photos: Up/Down Articulation control handle is shown close up- note the articulation lock releases very easily to help insure the scope naturally retracts back to the center position BEFORE being pulled out from the insertion hole. Our design is unlike other scopes that lock the tip firmly and do not require any special gimmicks to be "protected". When using some other manufacturers "Fully locked" articulating scopes- damage can occur quite easily if the scope is pulled out inadvertently without loosening the lock- it will become hung up inside- hooked around at an angle. If further force is used to pull the scope out- it can cause major damage to scope. As good practice- all fiberscopes should be articulated back to the forward position before being removed from any insertion hole. This lower photo also shows a nice close up view of the focusing ring adjustment at eyepiece.
Easy to use hand articulation control Close up showing articulating control and focusing ring
Quality Materials and Workmanship
braided sheathing on the image bundle Close up showing the crush resistant protective sleeve on light bundle
Each scope is hand assembled from quality engineered materials to protect the fragile internal coherent image bundle
The light guide bundle is also protected by a flexible crush resistant material
Exit post for light guide bundle Close up of light guide connector at the end of the light bundle
Close up showing exit post from eyepiece designed to protect permanently attached light bundle.
Close up of the light guide
connector for insertion into the light source.
Protective Strain relief on eyepiece Close up of viewing tip with illumination on
Complete strain relief assembly is show designed to protect the fiberoptic bundles from severe bends as it exits the eyepiece
Close up of distal viewing tip Close up of viewing tip after being articulated
Here are some close ups of the most important part of the scope- the distal viewing tip. Hidden underneath the braided assembly are the precision miniature components that bring the image back to your eye. When each unit is assembled- all components are carefully aligned and epoxied beneath the cover braid. These very small precision components inside the viewing tip- consist of a coherent image bundle with micron diameter fibers, non-coherent light carrier fiberoptic bundles and the miniature "Spine" articulation assembly to control the scope articulation
Protective Strain relief on eyepiece Close up of viewing tip
Close up of precision machined focus ring on eyepiece
Another close up of the DIN standard eyepiece installed on our scopes
2 Way Articulating Fiberscopes (Flexible Borescopes)

All articulating scopes are carefully manufactured by hand using some very specialized materials and processes. The heart of each scope is the 1mm diameter coherent optical bundle which contains 10's of thousands of micron diameter high quality glass fibers. Each flexible scope is covered with braid for protection of the optical components inside and abrasion resistance for a long service life. The light bundle is permanently attached to provide optimum light transmission all the way to the distal tip for bright clear images of your inspections. The DIN standard size eyepiece has adjustable diopter focusing and can be easily upgraded to video operation with our FFvideo1A Color Video Package.
  • 4mm and 6mm Articulating Fiberscopes
  • 2 way articulation +/- 120 Degrees (240 Degrees total range)
  • Up to 3 meters in length
  • Hi-Resolution Borosilica Fiberoptic image bundle for crystal clear viewing
  • 55 Degree Field of View
  • 0 Degree (Fwd) view, 90 Deg. prism tip optional
  • Great Prices on Color Video Options
Part No.-Price
3.5 (.140") 1000 (39") FF3510----$CALL.
3.5 (.140") 1300 (51") FF3513----$CALL.
3.5 (.140") 1500 (59") FF3515----$CALL.
4 (.160") 1000 (39") FF4010----$3850.
4 (.160") 1300 (51") FF4013----$4295.
4 (.160") 1500 (59") FF4015----$4875.
4mm Side View Prism Tip FF40P90----$395.
6 (.240") 1000 (39") FF6010----$3850.
6 (.240") 1500 (59") FF6015----$5350.
6 (.240") 2000 (79") FF6020----$6910.
6 (.240") 3000 (119") FF6030----$9892.
6mm Side View Prism Tip FF60P90----$395.
Recommended Light Source P/N MS-24----$538.
Color Video & Light Source P/N FFVideo-2000----$2695.
Color Video Kit P/N FFVideo-1A----$1395.
Heavy Duty Storage Case P/N FF-Case-HD----$395.
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