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Hi there Fellow NDT Technician, Inspector, Researcher or practicioner.

We decided to start posting some 50's-80's era photos and manufacturers datasheets from our company archives. If you find these pages of interest and have positive comments we may continue to expand these archives. This effort is in hopes to document in our own small way some of the pioneering equipment from the companies that created our industry from the beginning. Of course, we don't have a museum or library of everything but what we do have here? Images.... and we'd like to share them. NDT has its history like any industry. However as time and people pass on, we personally feel that those individuals and companies that brought us where we are today should be recognized.

The author has been involved in NDT since 1977 with most of the time spent primarily been in Ultrasonics. This archive primarily contains only Ultrasonic Equipment datasheets. However we welcome any other individuals or organizations to donate their NDT methods datasheets for posting. If in the future this webspace attracts interest, we will donate independent webspace on another dedicated site for this archive. As a side note, several years ago we made several attempts to offer to donate older equipment to our american trade organization that governs NDT in hopes they would have interest in starting a museum. Since we are in the used equipment business we find all vintages of equipment. Unfortunately our trade organization did not feel that it was important to support this idea or actually even comment on such an idea.

Much of the early equipment for our industry has obviously disappeared into landfills from the major contractors who originally owned it; some of which our company has also also dumped since we do not have facilities to store or build a museum. Yes, I know that sounds bad that we would not keep this equipment, however we have only limited inventory space for items of commercial value. If you have interest in collecting this equipment let us know and we will ship it to you freight collect. We hope you might enjoy looking at these datasheets and the legacy remains in the form of a photo. Our industry has come a long way since the days of "portable" equipment. Many of the companies whose equipment you see here were the pioneers and responsible for bringing into industry these products that have helped saved lives and prevent our world from material and property failure- after all.... that's what NDT is all about. As you know, NDT is such an under recognized industry and technology- whenever the newspaper, magazines or other media talk about material failure- NDT never seems to get spoken about. I could make countless examples, but again... no soapbox herein.

We dedicate these images that may have been forgotten and rare. Many pioneering companies and people that have been merged, acquired or out of business are long gone. If you wish to donate images of your own we will gladly accept them on Zip disks for posting here and credit you or your company with the donation as we have no agenda. If one of the major manufacturers have interest in this effort.... we will move this site to it's own domain. Sadly we add one final note: we felt that it was necessary to mark the images purposely since our website photos have been stolen and used in the past by a one particular owner of an Ultrasonic NDT Journal. We may in fact grant permission for most anyone to use these images for non-commercial purposes and provide a clean image without our information on it. Just ask first.
Branson Instruments Vidigage Datasheet Page 1 (1956)
Branson Instruments Vidigage Datasheet Page 2 (1956)
Branson Instruments Vidigage Datasheet Page 3 (1956)
Branson Instruments Vidigage Datasheet Page 4 (1956)

Curtiss Wright 424 Immerscope Datasheet Page 1
Curtiss Wright 424 Immerscope Datasheet Page 2
Curtiss Wright 424 Immerscope Datasheet Page 3
Curtiss Wright 424 Immerscope Datasheet Page 4

Curtiss Wright Flaw Alarm Datasheet Page 1
Curtiss Wright Flaw Alarm Datasheet Page 2

The FIRST ever C-Scan's created in 1956

Sonofax SR-110 C-Scan System Page 1 (1961)
Sonofax SR-110 C-Scan System Page 2 (1961)
Sonofax C-Scan at General Electric (1961)
Sonofax C-Scan at Douglas Aircraft(1960)

Harvey Titanium Brochure- note UT inspection photo
Handscanner accessories
Sperry Attenuation Comparator (1957)
Sperry Attenuation Comparator (1957)
Sperry Velocity Comparator (1957)
Sperry Velocity Comparator (1957)
Early Sperry Reflectoscope
Sperry UR Reflectoscope Datasheet Page 2 (1958)
Sperry UM 715 and 721 Reflectoscopes (1963)
Sperry UM Series Multi-channel (1963)

Sperry reference standard for resonance
Sperry UT700 Portable (1964)
Sperry Early Thickness Gage (1960)
Sperry Lamb Wave Composite test fixture (1958)

725 Budd Immerscope Datasheet Page 1
725 Budd Immerscope Datasheet Page 2
725 Budd Immerscope Datasheet Page 3
725 Budd Immerscope Datasheet Page 4
725 Budd Immerscope Datasheet Page 5
725 Budd Immerscope Datasheet Page 6
725 Budd Immerscope Datasheet Page 7
725 Budd Immerscope Datasheet Page 8
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