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Ultrasonic C-Scan Inspection - an American Innovation in 1956
First C-Scan 1956 First C-Scan 1956
These Ultrasonic C-Scan images shown above are the VERY FIRST ever created by anyone- anywhere. The year was 1956 in Paramount, California at the Automation Instruments Power Plant Inspection Division test lab. Cal Kammerer was the Ultrasonic technician working with equipment developed by Lee Furon, Nat Jeffras and Don Modispacher. It seems almost a turnabout in technology as we have gone from a CRT- to paper recordings- back to a CRT. Present day C-Scan Images are recorded on Computer CRT- whereas these early images were also recorded on a CRT- the Hughes Memotron tube, then photographed to document the results. The Memotron was basically an early design of storage tube technology, originally designed for radar applications. These C-Scan recordings were made using immersion, pulse echo at a high frequency to determine unbonds within the brazed honeycomb. As most people know- this honeycomb structure went on to become a vital and integral part of modern aircraft structural design.
First C-Scan equipment 1956 Here is the first C-Scan "system"- the Hughes Memotron, camera and pulser/receiver units are shown in the backround of this photo and the immersion bridge/tank located on the right.
Sperry Reflectoscope Both of these instruments were the first American ultrasonic flaw detectors. On the left is a Sperry Reflectoscope and on the right the Automation Instruments 424. Just imagine hauling one of these "Portable" Flaw Detectors around!!!. Yes, these were used both in the lab and taken on jobsites everywhere! Automation 424 Immerscope
Wet Paper C-Scan The first Ultrasonic C-Scan systems were designed using the sonofax recorder and were transverse scan and longitudinal indexing only. The 424 Immerscope is shown in the back.
Sonofax C-Scan C-Scan system
725 Immerscope
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