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Document Your Borescope Inspections with our Video options!
 Color Video Captured Movies
Click here to view movie!

Click here to view movie!
These (2) Videos were taken using the FFVideo1A color video image camera captured to a PC computer and to a UXR Rigid borescope and fiberscope. Top Video: RBAC Rigid Achromatic scope kit Bottom Video: Take using our FF8020 4 way Articulating Fiberscope. You can create movies like these or images to document your inspections too. We supply the simple hardware/software and you supply the PC Computer running Windows! This capability is a special offer only to those that go to this webpage, so make sure you mention it when you talk to a salesperson.

Click on the images to view the video clips

Click here for a larger view!

Click here for a larger view!
Our latest combination color video and lighting unit raises the bar on existing units available. Embedded inside this small and portable package is our newest, high intensity metal halide light source (P/N MS-24) that has the brightest (75% more than halogens), whitest light (5500 deg. K) and the bulb lasts up to 500 hours (Halogens are only 40-50 hours). This compact unit includes the 4" color TFT LCD monitor and our lightweight (only 6 oz.) Color video camera using the latest video technology with a high performance Sony CCD chip inside.
Price is $2695.

For a bigger view, simply click on the images to the left.

Click here for a larger view! This lightweight (only 6 oz.) Color video camera is designed specifically for Borescope inspections. Compatible with our Boroscopes and Fiberscopes and can be added at anytime. It has great color reproduction (Sony CCD Chip and Hitachi DSP inside) and low light sensitivity- with better than 1 Lux sensitivity and includes the required Focusable Video adapter lens- to match the camera to the borescope just add your own monitor which can be a standard TV set, Video Capture device (to take digital video or stills), VCR, VHS Tape Recorder, PVR, Camcorder with A/V input or other video device. No specialized connectors or interfaces- just plug in the RCA connector on our camera into your monitor, focus it and you are ready to make videos or capture stills. Only $995.

Click image for a larger view!  Click image for a larger view!  Click image for a larger view!

Our best selling Color Video Package includes the 6 oz. Color CCD camera, FVA3 Focusable Video Adapter and choice of either the 13" Color monitor (Above) OR our 4" LCD Monitor (Below). Click here to see monitors
Either Configuration is only $1395!

Click image for a larger view!  Click image for a larger view!  Click image for a larger view!



Click here for a larger view!  Click image for a larger view!

Click on either photo to see an enlarged view of our High Resolution, Low Light sensitive (0.10 Lux) Black and White video system. The example is shown how it attaches on the borescope eyepiece with the FVA3 Focusable Video adapter, Maglight lighting and the 14" Black and White Desktop Monitor. Note how video increases the size and enlargement of image on the Monitor in the photo.

For more video photos, click here or here!

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