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Optics are Optics
Let's face it- nothing has changed much in this mature technology. As an example, go to your local camera store... look through the view finder on 4 or 5 of competing brands of SLR cameras. Can you see the difference in optical quality? Probably not. They ALL look good! Right? So what's the difference? well.... it's the digital gadgets, storage, readouts, automatic functions etc. So what hasn't changed? The Optics. Optics are Optics.

Borescopes don't have digital gadgets on them and are NOT sophisticated like a camera. Everyone uses the same type of optics- the glass, the fibers, the lens, etc. Borescopes are simple tools, Nothing newer today than several years ago. Why buy a high priced scope from one of the german or japanese manufacturers? Or buy one from a company whose claim to fame is that they do all manufacturing in the U.S.? ( Whether we like it or not.... we ALL buy imported goods everyday.... and why? because it's a world economy! ) UXR simply offers the best prices and value. No long-winded corporate hype statement. Nor will we tell you how big or great we are. The bottom line is..... will the scope work for you AND at a price you can afford? The borescopes we sell are built with the same exacting precision as all the others.

How do we do it? No high dollar marketing campaigns or nationwide direct sales force- like our competitors. Want a demo? When you buy a scope from us, you have a 10 day no-hassle money back guarantee with our desktop evaluation program. No sales people hanging over you. You test it at your facility- on your own time schedule. If you decide to keep it..... great. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised at how they can save $$$, yet have a great product too. But if not, ship it back for a full refund less shipping charges.

Simple. Easy. RISK-FREE. Guaranteed.
Paying twice as much for someone elses scope isn't going to get you a clearer view or anything different... SO.....IF PRICE IS IMPORTANT TO YOU..... Then you have found the right Borescope distributor...... UXR.
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