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The following links are an alternative to a site map to help you quickly navigate directly to the correct product and or information you are looking for. Use your browsers "Back" button to come back to this page.
    Specific Borescope Models: Click on a link depending upon the length borescope you need.
  1. 9" to 22" Long, 5.5mm Diameter Achromatic Rigid Kits Priced from $1395.
  2. 10" Long, 2 and 3mm Semi-Rigids For small diameter access, priced from $1495.
  3. 8" to 12", 2.7mm to 8mm Diameter Rod Lens Borescopes (Precision Optics, Wide Angle 75 Deg. FOV) call prices
  4. 24" Long 8mm x 24" Flexible Fiberscope Kits Complete Kits from $1495.
  5. 39" to 9.75 Ft.' 4mm and 6mm Diameter 2 way Articulating Models Priced from $3850.
  6. 39" to 9.75 Ft.' 8mm Diameter 4 way Articulating Models Complete Kits Priced From $6950.
  7. 9.75 Ft to 32.5 Ft. Long- Color Videoscopes, 10mm Diameter 4 way Articulated Priced from $11,420.
    Must see pages on: Digital Color Video/Photos and Lighting
  1. Color Video Options Watch video inspection here, Video priced from $995.
  2. Borescope Digital Photo Pages See our excellent borescope image quality
  3. Metal Halide High Intensity Light source Latest Techology Lighting
  4. Light Source and Light Guide Cables Several Lighting Solutions on one page
  5. Color and LCD Monitors For Desktop and Portable Uses
  6. Rigids Scopes attached to Color Video Photos showing them together
  7. Flexible Fiberscopes attached to Color Video Photos showing them together
  8. Live Video with 8mm Fiberscope See bottom, uses Windows Media player.
  9. Live Video with AVIS Videoscope Animated GIF and Real Media.
    Detailed Product Datasheets and Technical Specifications in PDF Format
  1. General Brochure Page 1
  2. General Brochure Page 2
  3. Non-Articulated General Purpose Fiberscope Kit Datasheet
  4. 2 Way Articulated General Purpose Fiberscope Kit Datasheet
  5. Fiberscopes 2 Way Articulated Datasheet
  6. Fiberscopes 4 Way Articulated Datasheet
  7. 10 Avis Color Videoscope Datasheet
  8. Avis Accessories Datasheet
  9. Carrying Cases Datasheet
  10. Needle Scopes Datasheet
  11. MS-24 High Intensity Light Source Datasheet
  12. 100 Watt Light Source Datasheet
  13. 150 Watt Light Source Datasheet
  14. 250 Watt Light Source Datasheet
    Background Information and help selecting a Borescope:
  1. Questionaire Determine what Borescope is best for your application.
  2. Why we have the best prices! If you wonder why our prices are lower
  3. View close ups of our Fiberscope construction quality If you are skeptical
  4. FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions Page (Covers many subjects)
  5. What is Articulation? Animation and Information
  6. What light guide connector do you use? See Photo
    Main Product Link Pages
  1. Flexible Borescopes (Fiberscopes) Main Page
  2. Rigid Borescopes main page
  3. Videoscopes main page
  4. Lighting and Video Options main page
    Contacting us to ask questions before purchasing
  1. Contact Information Go here to get our phone number to call
  2. Email Us Write us about your application
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