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The Worlds Best Priced 10mm, 4 way Articulated Color Videoscope!
This scope is less expensive than the leading manufacturers Fiberscopes!-

 Call 800-530-3371 today for pricing!

All available in TUNGSTEN Braid!!!
Fully Portable 12 VDC Version!!!
Now offering PAL Version!!!
Switchable design for optional external light sources!

The AVIS Videoscope has full 4 way articulation ("All ways" directions by simply rotating the scope about it's axis). Three different models with tungsten braid are available in three different working lengths: 
P/N AVIS-3T, 3 meter (9.6 feet) $11,420.

P/N AVIS-5T, 5 meter (16.25 feet) $16,550.


P/N AVIS-8T, 8 meter (26 feet) $ CALL.

  P/N AVIS-10T, 10 meter (32.5 feet) $23,705.

  P/N AVIS-10T-NA, Non Articulated Version- 10 meter (32.5 feet) $18,550.

Click here for pricelist

Designed to be flexible to your specific requirements, each AVIS system is field portable using our portable LCD monitor. In the plant or shop, you can view using a 13" Color video monitor. These monitors are interchangeable and your choice of either is included in the pricing. The system controller is packaged as one lightweight unit weighing only 10.5 lb's (lighter than competitive units); and only the size of a 3 ring notebook. One common situation we find is for our customers record all their inspections to a standard VCR recorder or portable camcorder that has external video input. Saved images can also be downloaded to your PC for subsequent transmittal via email or posting for review with others. Since there are (3) video outputs on the back panel you can easily take digital photos by using standard, "off the shelf" external PC based video capture devices readily available at your local computer store for under ~$100. Unlike competitors units, we do not restrict our customers to proprietary capture devices, interfaces and cabling causing you to be locked into one manufacturer. Our competitors require you to buy only "THEIR" recorders, capture devices or viewing displays either built in the unit or at inflated prices! Instead with the UXR AVIS unit- you can chose and select from the many good models of these external recording devices and the choice is always your choice!.
The heart of the AVIS Videoscope system is in the tip of the scope where a Sony CCD Video Chip with full DSP (Digital Signal processing) is used to provide the best imaging quality, light sensitivity and remote visual inspections available with this technology scope... and at the best price around!
overall view of avis system
Overall view of the new video imaging scope system shown with 13" monitor.

Click here to view actual tubing inspection video

This 10mm probe is fully sealed with a special manufacturing process using a one-piece extruded polyurethane coating over the whole length of the scope. For preventative maintenance, a pressure test unit is provided with each AVIS system so that the end user can test and verify the scope does not have any leaks prior to insertion into wet environments. This feature is unique and a patented.  Tungsten braid provides effective exterior protection for abrasion resistance, complete immersion in the liquids and other rough environments found in most industrial applications. The AVIS Videoscope is perfect for inspecting high purity piping/welding, turbines, fabricated piping systems, engines, heavy equipment, tanks, HVAC systems, in hi-rise buildings behind walls, ducting, boilers, pumps, valves, weldments, structural, aerospace, utilities, petrochemical plants, and much more.

Includes removable objective lens capability for narrow or wide angle viewing, +/- 120 degree articulation in 4 directions, 470 TV Line Resolution, freeze-frame up to 32 images in memory, built-in lighting in small, portable controller with simple membrane keypad, outputs for PC parallel, composite video and S-VHS and optional image capture to 3 floppy disk.

Highlighted Features of AVIS
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The lightweight portable controller is only 10.5 lbs. and houses the internal high intensity light source, image electronics, memory and the interface to the probe itself. Operates on 110 VAC (220VAC and optional fully portable 12 VDC versions available)
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The left picture shows a close up of the left/right/up/down 4 way articulation control on the AVIS Video borescope probe control handle.

The right picture shows a close up of the convenient "Capture" button on the handle. This allows you to freeze frame and store images.
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The videoscope is connected to the front panel (see above) via this quick insert connector which houses the electronics and the light guide.
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The AVIS tip is only 10mm (.390") (top left) and will easily fit into 1/2" diameter insertion holes. Note the outer ring (top right) of four segments of fiberoptic light fibers and the internal miniature imaging 4mm (standard) lens which is easily removable and adjustable by the end user for various applications using the lens tool (bottom left). 1.39mm "Wide Angle" and 8mm "Telephoto" type lens are shown next to it.
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Top left - 0 degree (Neutral position, without articulation)
Top right - 90 degree (Side view)
Bottom left - 120 degree (Off axis)

Note the articulation swing radius at both 90 degrees and 120 degrees off axis. This scope has one of the smallest bend radius' available on the market with a full 240 degrees of viewing range in an articulating scope!
Click to enlargeClick to enlarge Our latest addition to our AVIS product is this miniature 90 degree viewing (side viewing) optical prism tip. Easily installed and removable by the user for side viewing applications in small access areas where the articulation cannot be used to view side walls. This tip is a unique, patented optical design not available anywhere else! Adding this tip does not increase the diameter of the scope at all and this is not a mirror.
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